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How do we get to Morocco?

Flights abound to Marrakech, and to a lesser extent, Fes. We recommend

How long does the travelling take?

From Marrakech to Ouzarzate takes around 4 hours.

Ouzarzate to the end of the tarmac takes around 3 hours.

We normally spend two hours in a 4x4 travelling across the desert.

Can we use a camel?

You can take camels from the end of the tarmac road out into the desert.

What vehicles do you use?

Exclusively air-conditioned 4x4’s. We don’t use minibuses; they are not up to real desert travel. Land Rover Discovery’s are our normal choice. These give a maximum of seven seats, but minus the driver (and guide in the desert). Occasionally we substitute Toyota Landcruiser’s, with very similar space.

Who will drive us?

Our drivers are all European, speaking English, French and enough Arabic to survive where no French is spoken. Desert guides are all indigenous people, with long experience.

How hot is it?

Temperatures in August can reach over 50 degrees Celsius - over 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Travel in the desert is impracticable at this time of year, though the mountains and Imperial cities remain accessible.

However, with the exeption of August, temperatures are excellent. June, July and September can still be very hot, Spring and Autumn are perfect. Even in December and January, daytime temperatures can still reach the mid twenties.

Desert nights can seem cold, largely due to the big difference in temperature between day and night. Do bring some warm clothing.

What does it cost?

An air conditioned 4x4 vehicle with a European driver costs from 200 Euros a day, including fuel. You pay for any accommodation and food yourselves, but we can obviously recommend and reserve suitable hotels and restaurants along the route.

Riads (traditional townhouses centred around a courtyard) cost from 100 Euros a night in Marrakech, and from around 40 Euros a night in Fes.

Hotels we recommend start at around 35 Euros a night in the countryside, but there are many more extravagant options available if you wish!

A desert Bivouac with guide costs around 35 Euros per night, per person.

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